100 Days of Headstand #27: Vegas Baby

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After bouncing around a couple of towns in interior California, we were undecided where to head next. Death Valley was out of action due to flash flooding, and we weren’t quite ready to return to the coolness of the coast. … Continued

100 Days of Headstands #26: Feeling the Cali Heat

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California has mystified me. On the coast it’s relatively cool, and the ocean mist  a daily visitor. Yet when we drive even half an hour inland, the sun shines bright and it feels like the California summer I imagined. Here … Continued

100 Days of Headstands #23: Farewelling Yosemite

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For 7 nights, we have called Yosemite National Park and our 3 person tent ‘home’. We’ve woken to the sounds of fellow campers gathering their breakfast from the noisy bear food lockers, or the click clack of tent poles being … Continued

100 Days of Headstand #21: California Tunnel Tree

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I don’t know about you, but seeing some of the biggest trees on earth in Yosemite National Park is quite an attraction. Near the Wawona entrance of Yosemite National Park lies Mariposa Grove, a scattered group of huge Sequoias. Although they’re … Continued

100 Days of Headstands #19: Cathedral Rocks, Yosemite National Park

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On the banks of the Merced River, in the heat of Yosemite National Park, stands Cathedral Rocks. A rock-climber’s mecca, Cathedral Rock’s highest spire was first ascended way back in 1934. The way these giant cliffs of granite jut straight … Continued

100 Days of Headstands #17: King City’s King Crops

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Time for your interesting food production factoid: Did you know California grows the majority of the nation’s fruits, nuts and vegetables? We were smack bang in the middle of corn crop central, near King City, California, with these mega-sprinklers creating … Continued

100 Days of Headstands #16: Special Delivery

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While driving down the wrong country road in Monterey County, California we spotted these dinged-up letterboxes, smack bang in the middle of arid nowhere. I’m not sure how often they check their mail, but I thought I’d deliver a spot … Continued

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