The ULTIMATE Peanut Butter, Chia & Banana Breakfast Smoothie

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This breakfast smoothie started out a few years ago, at the advice of a friend who was trying to get some healthy fats into her toddler’s day. With chia seeds, flax seeds and peanut butter, it’s got a pretty good … Continued

How to Make the Best Jelly in the World – Without Hurting Anyone

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Wobbly, wobbly jelly.   Jelly is fun. Jelly is sooo yummy. It’s probably the silliest dessert out there. Kids love it. And what about trifle?   But the regular ‘Aeroplane’ jelly you can get from the supermarket?   I don’t … Continued

What a Vegan Kid Eats in a Day

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When we first decided to go vegan just over four years ago, we hunted down every piece of information we could find on optimal nutrition at different stages of growth. We wanted to make sure that as a family, we … Continued

Easy Vegan Mushroom Pasta

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This super-easy vegan mushroom pasta is simply tasty and surprisingly quick to prepare, can be made gluten free, and is of course, dairy-free. We recently went to one of the most affordable fruit and veg markets in Adelaide (Torrens Island … Continued

Food for Urban Hippies #1: Moong Dal (Mung Bean Dal)

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I have a secret. Even though I have been vegan for almost two years (and vegetarian before that), I have never cooked with mung beans. I know, it sounds like some veggo cardinal sin, really, not having cooked with one of the … Continued

7 Ways to Get Your Kids to Eat More Fruit

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My kid won’t eat fruit! It’s a parent’s common frustration that their little one will eat anything but fruit. Eeeek! And although you might try to coerce them into that banana by convincing them it’s bloody well good for them, … Continued

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