100 Days of Headstands #12: Harris Beach State Park, Oregon

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When we rode into Harris Beach State Park in Oregon late afternoon, a shroud of fog had settled over the horizon. The ocean and sky seemed to curve towards each other in a mystical blend of moving grey. The morning … Continued

100 Days of Headstands #10: A Little Company in Manzanita

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Manzanita; a secret gem harboured by the locals and treasured for the lucky few tourists who stumble across it. If it wasn’t for Adam’s adventuring for food while we were camping the night before, we wouldn’t have known about this … Continued

100 Days of Headstands #9: Cannon Beach, Oregon

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Cannon Beach has to be the one of the nicest towns we’ve cycled through in Oregon. Full of beautiful beachfront homes, American flags raised high, greeting the rugged coastline. It’s the kind of town you can wonder through aimlessly for … Continued

100 Days of Headstands #6: Bay Center, Washington

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Today’s headstand came after a much-needed yoga practice. We’d been cycling in Washington for almost three weeks and I hadn’t been able to squeeze in much more than a five or ten minute stretch, until we hung out on the … Continued

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