100 Days of Headstand #40: Going Fruity in Far North Queensland

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Far North Queensland is unreal when it comes to sourcing fresh, ripe and juicy tropical fruit and we just couldn’t get enough, visiting Rusty’s Market twice in 10 days for a major fruit hauls. The timing of our trip to … Continued

She Cycles to the City: Rush Hour Commuting

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If you’re thinking of cycling to work for the first time, you’ll want to be prepared with all the tips and tricks on how to stay aware. Here’s a vid of me riding about 5km in peak hour traffic along … Continued

My Massive Stack, Stranded in the Rain & the Generosity of Strangers

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We were cycling in Washington – one of the wettest states in the USA – on Memorial Day weekend. WashINgton, we began to call it as we cycled through the drizzle beside RV’s, campervans and logging trucks rushing to finish their loads … Continued

How To Make the Best Super Easy Homemade Almond Milk

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I was first shown how easy it is to make homemade almond milk by my beautiful Canadian friend Aimée, and I’m fairly certain I raised my eyebrow at her like she was a little strange. I was doubtful – it just sounded … Continued

100 Days of Headstand #39: Greetings From The Badlands Prison Ward

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Since coming home to Adelaide, headstands (and yoga practice) have been few and far between. Stuck in the badlands where life ‘just happens to you’ (snort), my practice had become sporadic at best, and I felt the obligation to do yoga, … Continued

Easy Vegan Mushroom Pasta

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This super-easy vegan mushroom pasta is simply tasty and surprisingly quick to prepare, can be made gluten free, and is of course, dairy-free. We recently went to one of the most affordable fruit and veg markets in Adelaide (Torrens Island … Continued

Cycling to America Day 2: Sidney to Victoria, Vancouver Island

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Day two of our cycling trip from Vancouver to San Francisco started off with a quick breakfast at the Travelodge in Sidney, Vancouver Island, before assembling the panniers on the bikes. It was a beautiful May morning, and although we … Continued

To America: One Boat and Five Wheels

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Vancouver Island Canada, to Port Angeles USA One tip as a cyclist touring internationally: when planning to leave a country via ferry, make sure you leave enough time to clear customs. We casually rolled up to the Victoria Black Ball ferry port … Continued

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