How to Make the Best Jelly in the World – Without Hurting Anyone

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Wobbly, wobbly jelly.


Jelly is fun. Jelly is sooo yummy. It’s probably the silliest dessert out there. Kids love it. And what about trifle?


But the regular ‘Aeroplane’ jelly you can get from the supermarket?


I don’t think you’re ready for THAT jelly. It’s actually a pretty nasty dessert.


And that’s because regular jelly – and TONS of other food like lollies, ice cream, marshmallows, dips, yogurt and even vitamin capsules – contain a pretty gross ingredient called gelatine.


The complete grossness of gelatine is because it’s made from boiled animal fat, bones, ligaments and connective tissue. Mmmmm yummy. Aaaand cruel to boot. 


Not exactly appetising or in line with how you care for animals.


Still feel like jelly? A gummy bear perhaps?


That’s ok, because ta-da! – there’s plenty of gelatine-free jellies available, as well as all of your fave desserts and treats.


It’s just a matter of getting on Google in your area to find new sources of your all-time favourites that are gelatine- (and therefore cruelty) free. The beauty of the internet means there are tons of online stores around the world who will deliver your delicious desserts straight to your door.


In the meantime, checkout our sweet video on how to make vegan jelly using Just Wholefoods Strawberry Jelly Crystals.



Thanks for watching and now you’re ready for that jelly!


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