How To Make the Best Super Easy Homemade Almond Milk

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Aimée Loves Making Almond Milk And Showed Me How
Aimée Loves Making Almond Milk And Showed Me How

I was first shown how easy it is to make homemade almond milk by my beautiful Canadian friend Aimée, and I’m fairly certain I raised my eyebrow at her like she was a little strange. I was doubtful – it just sounded too easy, there must be a catch!

Nut milk bags, overnight soaking, blending…surely that would take ages?

Aimée reassured me that it was super-easy, and tasted way better than the store-bought version. It’s environmentally friendly to make your own too, as you’re saving on all those store-bought cardboard containers. And it is cheaper, to boot!

So with all those ‘sounds good in theory’ benefits in mind, let me tell you why making your own almond (or any other nut milk)  really is so damn easy: Because you do it in bits. I usually start ‘preparing’ (such an overstatement) my almond milk the night before, so it’s ready to make fresh in the morning.

Bit #1

Chuck 1.5 cups of almonds in a decent sized bowl.

Chuck in a couple of medjool dates and vanilla if you want it sweet.

Cover with a decent amount of filtered water and put it on your kitchen bench.

Forget about it and go sit down on the couch.

Call your Mother.

Bit #2

Wander into the kitchen at 8.10am.

Make breakfast for yourself and/or your dependent.

Rush to find shoes, matching socks etc for dependent.

Notice the bowl of soaking almonds on the bench.

Drain off the water.

Eat a water-soaked almond.

Remember your childhood fondly.

Bit #3

Throw the soaked almonds in your blender/vitamix/thermomix/anymix.

Add at least 4 cups of filtered water.

Blend for about 1 minute and hope your neighbours are awake already.

Bit #4

Marvel at the creamy frothy milk you’ve created in like, one minute.

Search for your nutmilk bag in the cupboard.

Search for your giant milk jar.

Place your nutmilk bag over the rim of your jar/jug/container thingy.

Pour your almond milk into the nutmilk bag and watch it slowly drain into the jar.

Imagine what it would be like to bathe in it…

Bit #5

how-to-make-almond-milk-at-homeAdd a bit more water into the bag if you like thinner, less creamy or just more milk.

Gently squeeze the milk from the bag, and put aside the almond meal that you always intend to save and make other stuff with…but don’t.

Put your delicious, super-easy to make almond milk in the fridge.

Go to work.

Almond milk really is a yummy alternative to soy, rice or oat milk. Its creamy texture and mild taste can be used in savoury or sweet recipes, depending if you add dates or another sweetener. I love it in coffee or my latest favourite, dandelion tea. Organic almonds are the tastiest, but if you’re on a budget, hunt out broken almonds at your local market or nut store – they’re usually non-organic, but are way cheaper than whole, store-bought variety.

If you store your milk well (ie. don’t leave it on the counter and forget about it, put a lid on it etc), it will last up to five days in the fridge.

Thanks Aimée, for teaching me how amazingly easy it is to make almond milk at home, amongst many other valuable things about life.

Nutmilk bags are available at most healthfood stores, but like most things, I’ve found they’re considerably cheaper online. This Nut-Milk Bag from Elaina Love’s Pure Joy Planet from has a great rounded bottom (like me, hehehe) to fit into those skinnier jugs or jars. It also saves you from asking the hot-looking guy at the store for a nut-milk bag…awkward…

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