100 Days of Headstands #31: Changi Airport Yoga

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After  a one week break from headstands while in Bangkok, and an incredibly long layover in Singapore, I was itching to go upside down. We caught a late flight from Bangkok to Singapore and spent 12 hours trying to sleep in Changi airport’s Snooze Lounge. But trying to catch some zzzz’s on a lazy-boy style lounge with cold air-conditioning and airport announcements meant we weren’t very well rested.

My go-to pick me up in moments like these is the headstand. While it seems counter-intuitive to put your body upside down when you’re tired, it’s less like going on a show ride when you’re drunk and more like a breath of fresh air. And fresh blood to your brain. It gives your body a little remix, an alternate take and reshuffle of any stuffy energy.

changi airport yoga

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