100 Days of Headstands #10: A Little Company in Manzanita

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Manzanita; a secret gem harboured by the locals and treasured for the lucky few tourists who stumble across it. If it wasn’t for Adam’s adventuring for food while we were camping the night before, we wouldn’t have known about this … Continued

100 Days of Headstands #9: Cannon Beach, Oregon

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Cannon Beach has to be the one of the nicest towns we’ve cycled through in Oregon. Full of beautiful beachfront homes, American flags raised high, greeting the rugged coastline. It’s the kind of town you can wonder through aimlessly for … Continued

100 Days of Headstands #8: Peter Iredale Shipwreck, Oregon

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In Oregon, on a beach that travels as far as the eye can see, near the mouth of the mammoth Columbia River, sits the Peter Iredale shipwreck. The beach is speckled with tourists and kids scrambling over the wreck. It … Continued

100 Days of Headstands #7: Astoria-Megler Bridge, Oregon

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This morning’s headstand marked a huge milestone in our travels. The day before we cycled across the 4.1 mile-long (6.6 km) Astoria-Megler Bridge, entering Oregon from Washington. With Washington state behind us and Oregon and California yet to come. Crossing the bridge … Continued

100 Days of Headstands #6: Bay Center, Washington

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Today’s headstand came after a much-needed yoga practice. We’d been cycling in Washington for almost three weeks and I hadn’t been able to squeeze in much more than a five or ten minute stretch, until we hung out on the … Continued

100 Days of Headstands #5: Lake Sylvia State Park, Washington

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With there being a few days between headstands I needed a prop to help me out with this one. What better than some natural assistance, provided by the old-growth forest? Lake Sylvia State Park in Washington used to be an … Continued

100 Days of Headstands #4: Dosewallips State Park, Washington

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Headstand #4 was calling my name! The lush grass at Dosewallips State Park in Washington, with the sunset streaming through the Spruce trees – I just had to become a part of that, so up I went. Or down, depending … Continued

100 Days of Headstands #2, Victoria, Vancouver Island

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Day 2 of my 100 Days of Headstands found us on the lawns of the parliament house in British Columbia’s capital Victoria, Vancouver Island. It just so happened to be Victoria Day long weekend – a public holiday throughout Canada … Continued

100 Days of Headstands: Day One, Vancouver, Canada

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The headstand. Balanced on the crown of your head with your forearms for support, feet in the air where your head should be. Fresh blood rushing to awaken compressed capillaries in your noggin. Your blood pressure lowers as your heart … Continued

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