100 Days of Headstands #36: Bicycle Stand

Back in my hometown Adelaide. Host city of the Tour Down Under, and home to a strong cycling movement of Strava-loving roadies, cool urban fixies, laid back cruisers and ‘mountain’ bikers (sorry, there are no actual mountains in Adelaide but from what I’ve heard there’s still plenty to satisfy avid MTB’s). Not to leave out the hybrid commuters like myself, and I am so chuffed to see our numbers growing in force.

bicycle graffiti headstand

100 Days of Headstands #35: California Dreamin’

Sunset  over rolling valley mists in California, on the way to camping at Pinnacles National Monument. That night was beautifully balmy and we slept with the fly off our tent to let the stars shine through and the warm air flow.


100 Days of Headstands #34: Second Honeymoon on Hastings

Life is good when you have the opportunity to connect with your love. Six nights on Hastings Street, Noosa,  just my husband and I. Lots of smiles. Enough said.


100 Days of Headstand #33: Chenrezig Institute

While on the Sunshine Coast with our buddhist buddy John, we were invited to go along to Chenrezig Institute – a Tibetan Buddhist Retreat Centre. After a great lunch at the Big Love Cafe we walked throughout the grounds and gardens. This headstand was in front of the Stupa in the Garden of Enlightment.



100 Days of Headstand #32: On home ground

This headstand signaled the end of nine and a half months of travel, our arrival back home to Australia and being reunited with much missed family. We enjoyed a little Mum, daughter and granddaughter time, catching up on the parts of life that Skype and different time zones don’t allow for. So after being on such a massive journey (both physically and personally), how does it feel to come home? 

Weird and Normal

We were back home, but home suddenly felt new.

So much had changed for us as a family while we were away. We had spent an unprecedented amount of time as a consolidated unit, together 24/7. We cycled across a country, ate, slept in a 3-person tent, and showered together. We had experienced a unique slice of life and travel as a trio in a way that no one else had. So upon returning home, we naturally felt a closer bond.

It was a great moment sharing a headstand with my Mum in one of our favourite family destinations.

This is my ma and daughter Tahlee on the banks of Noosa River.

This is my ma and daughter Tahlee on the banks of Noosa River.