OMG @ LAX: My Noob Traveller Dick Move

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There I stood at 7.30am, in front of LAX with my 4 year old after a 17 hour flight with only 3 hours sleep. Without our suitcases. Because I’d just let them be driven away by an unknown man. OMG, … Continued

Saying Goodbye to Friends and Family before Long term Travel

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Sniff…saying goodbye is hard! Especially when you don’t have a definite return date for your travel plans. I ususally try to make saying goodbye a teeny tiny thing. Considering I’m half Greek that’s saying something! (Greeks are notorious for having … Continued

Skiing the First Day of the Season in Big White, Canada

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Big White Ski Resort started their season early this year by opening today – three days before their intended December 1st date. Good for us! With three lifts open, we were excited to go out and warm up our ski … Continued

Storing Your Belongings for Long Term Travel: Treasured Possessions or a Pile of Sh*t?

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Wow. Who knew that storing your stuff when travelling long-term would be such a drama? I for one, expected to have a grand total of 5 boxes stacked neatly in my generous father-in-law’s storage room. Ha ha haaa! That was … Continued

The journey before the journey

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On November 14, 2012, we will set out on a year-long overseas journey that we have waited almost three years to start. So what made us decide to go? And how did we make it happen? Let me tell you … Continued

In 86 days I won’t have a job

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I’m hoping we won’t have a car, or a house either. I’m hoping I won’t own a couch, dining suite, bed, and the thousands of other objects that currently consume the shelves and space in our home. But at this stage, it’s all wishful thinking.

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