Bicycle Touring with Kids: Vancouver to San Francisco

We cycled almost 2000km from Vancouver, Canada to San Francisco, USA with our 4 year old kid in tow, riding almost every day for 7 weeks.

Bike touring across America was a fantastic way to explore the country.

We camped in old-growth forests in Washington, by rugged beachsides in Oregon and in between giant Redwoods in California.

Every day we met new people – fellow travellers, cyclists or friendly campers who wanted to share their stories and hear about our adventures.

The Wee Hoo bicycle trailer that Tahlee sat in was a sure-fire conversation starter!

Cycling over the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco was a pivotal moment in our lives (so far) and has changed how we think about what we can achieve on so many levels.

Check out the video to see more of our truly epic adventure.

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