About Me - Lauren GranthamWelcome to live big picture!

I’m Lauren Grantham, from the small and beautiful city of Adelaide, in South Australia.

About three years ago, I created a big picture of travelling long term with my husband, and daughter Tahlee. We were keen to live out our long-held dream of travel, and explore life in a meaningful way. Three years later, we have begun our journey. Live big picture will be your passport to travel, food, yoga and my take on life.

Live big picture is the kind of place where you can explore the thoughts, questions and issues that we don’t always have time or energy to pursue, as well as offering up some new ideas about what life can be. I want it to be a reminder of what life can be about, rather than the work/spend money/eat/sleep/repeat consumerist life it’s so easy to get stuck in.

I hope to inspire people to create more, aim higher, think outside what they know, try something different, love life in a new way and live big. I may not live big all the time (and my definition of living big may be vastly different from yours), but I aim to encourage people to discover what their big life may be, and hopefully inspire others to go for it in the process.

Live big picture – it’s all about perspective.




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  1. adsa16678

    i luv the sno luv from tahlee

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