100 Days of Headstands #38: A Roll in the Hay

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Late Spring, the Adelaide Hills starts to buzz with new life. Days turn from dreary to dazzling, nights are still bone-chilling, and mornings display frosty fields steaming in the early sun. By the end of Spring, the rolling hills have crispified from brilliant green to barren yellow. Before the impending full-throttle heat of summer, I took a drive with my beautiful photographer friend John Niessen (who also happens to be my new step-daddy, lol), to capture some of the beauty and symmetry of hay bales lined up in fields.

John even encouraged me to do a headstand on the top of a hay bale – hoisting me up and waiting patiently while I decided if I had the guts or if I would fall off and break my neck. The hay bale headstand remains to be conquered another day, while John and I drove off into the sunset, marvelling at how cowboys manage to ride horses upside down.




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  1. Christine Niessen

    Great collaboration Laurie and a brilliant headstand in the Adelaide Hills. Have to love those rolling hills and hay bales.

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