Daggy Gym Gear Wins Every Time

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People who see me exercise generally know that I can be a real dag when getting sweaty. For yoga I’ve got the stalwart faded and stretched mandala leggings I thrifted for $4, a cheap cotton tank, and if I’m lucky, my … Continued


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I love making food from scratch, but honestly, I don’t do it very often because of the time involved. I have been known to whip up an amazing vegan pumpkin pie, but sometimes you just need something quick. And those … Continued

The ULTIMATE Peanut Butter, Chia & Banana Breakfast Smoothie

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This breakfast smoothie started out a few years ago, at the advice of a friend who was trying to get some healthy fats into her toddler’s day. With chia seeds, flax seeds and peanut butter, it’s got a pretty good … Continued

How to Make the Best Jelly in the World – Without Hurting Anyone

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Wobbly, wobbly jelly.   Jelly is fun. Jelly is sooo yummy. It’s probably the silliest dessert out there. Kids love it. And what about trifle?   But the regular ‘Aeroplane’ jelly you can get from the supermarket?   I don’t … Continued

What a Vegan Kid Eats in a Day

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When we first decided to go vegan just over four years ago, we hunted down every piece of information we could find on optimal nutrition at different stages of growth. We wanted to make sure that as a family, we … Continued

A Quick Recovery: Easy DIY Chair Upholstery

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A while back, my Mum gifted us a nifty extendable dining suite which fits perfectly in our small maisonette home. Now we can spread out on a proper table at dinner time, instead of stuffing ourselves around the coffee table … Continued

Bicycle Touring with Kids: Vancouver to San Francisco

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We cycled almost 2000km from Vancouver, Canada to San Francisco, USA with our 4 year old kid in tow, riding almost every day for 7 weeks. Bike touring across America was a fantastic way to explore the country. We camped … Continued

Is There Life Without A Car?

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What is it like living without a car? Why would you forgo the convenience of a car? What are the benefits? Tahlee and I take you on a little day trip and tell you exactly how it is as a … Continued

OMG! My beagle ate my phone!

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At the risk of significant humiliation, I bust out my acting ‘skills’ for this very silly video, with the question: Could you live without your phone?

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